LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) -- Splintered wood from what's left of a guitar, the top of a hand drum bashed open and dents in an old wooden piano are just parts of the inventory of damage inflicted on a Louisville music studio Friday evening captured on security cameras.

"There were two acoustic guitars that were used as baseball bats on two different pianos," Brian Cronin said.

Cronin has owned Goldsmith Studios for seven years, spending his own money buying equipment and building up his recording business, which became the target of an attack the Friday before Christmas.

"I did not see it coming," Cronin said. "I cannot figure out a reason."

Cronin said he was doing some last minute Christmas shopping Friday evening when he received an alert from his security system that someone was inside the studio building. He opened his phone to watch the security footage and saw an intruder wearing a ballcap destroying the inside of his studio and leaving with two guitars.

"It was a sick feeling. I was shaking. It was just a gut-wrenching, sick feeling," he said. "From the video footage, he was just here to destroy. Once he was through destroying one thing, he set his sights on something else to go after it."

Cronin said the man was only in his studio for a few minutes, leaving minutes before police arrived, but the damage had been done. According to Cronin, it will take more than $20,000 to fix and replace everything. He is already starting the process of working with the insurance agency and figuring out the extent of the damage.

"It seems personal and I don't know what I might have done to upset someone that much," he said.

Not only does he not know the motive, Cronin said he does not even know the person responsible. He is now hoping someone will come forward with information about who is behind the break-in.

"Who are you and why did you do this? That would be my question," he said. "I'm not a malicious person. I just don't understand it. I don't get it."

Anyone with information about the break-in should contact Metro Police at 574-LMPD.