Following violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, there is so much back and forth on Confederate monuments and other public art and whether it's racist or honors bigotry and slavery.

With an issue like this, there is bound to be disagreement and that is what has been revealed during these public comments. 850 responses have been sent to the city through email and mail and there is not a consensus about what to do with with the public art.

This public hearing with The Commission on Public Art (COPA) is the first in a series of public discussions. No vote or action will be taken today and COPA is only addressing the statues or monuments that are on public property or the right of ways.

This includes the John Castleman statue in the highlands that recently saw vandalism. Residents expressed that seeing the Confederate flag or monuments made them "think about the horrors of slavery."

The public comment period is expected to last an hour and a half. These comments will be added to the 850 that the city received. There is no time frame for when a decision will be made.