LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- It's a fear all parents can relate to, accidentally locking your kids inside the car.

It happened Tuesday night to one Meade County mom who's crediting local firefighters with their quick response and kindness. Stacy Livers says they calmed her fears within minutes.

"In complete panic, called 911 and they sent three of the most wonderful hero's my way!" Livers wrote.

Livers posted her story to Facebook early Wednesday morning, June 7, sharing photos of the firefighters unlocking the car door before she was able to get to her 3-month-old son and 8-week-old puppy.

"I was preparing to leave my parents house and I had my car running I put my baby in the back seat of the car and put our puppy in the passenger seat. I walked around to get into the drivers seat and in 1 instant, the puppy jumped onto the door and locked up the car!" Stacy Livers wrote on Facebook.

Livers said once both were safely out of the car, the firefighters stayed on site for some surprise fun with her older children.

"Not only did they show up in just a few minutes but they were so nice and when they got the baby and puppy out they gave my other two kiddos a tour of the fire truck and even got out the hose and let them spray it! What started out as a horrific moment ended in giggles and the most respect and appreciation imaginable for these humble heroes! I wished I got their names!"

Wish granted. We made a call to the firehouse and learned the three men pictured with this story are from PRP Station 8: Sgt. Jerry Whitaker, Firefighter Robert Seadler, and Capt. David Mattingly.

Livers' story had received close to 400 likes in the first two hours of her post.