LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – As the Derby City prepared to welcome President Trump, others were not so warm and welcoming. A large group of protesters formed outside Freedom Hall and continued their chants during the rally.

The chants started even earlier for Jim Murley who was outside Freedom Hall Monday afternoon. "I'm worried about what's happening in our country," he told WHAS11.

Murley and his wife, who are from Elizabethtown, joined a chorus of people opposing President Trump's policies - from immigration to healthcare. "We think that this, these kind of things will be a cumulative effect. It'd be more and more of this as, in the next four years that will make a difference," Maryland Murley said.

It was a longer drive for Rob Cortis. He drove a symbolic unity bridge from Detroit. He lost his home during the recession and wanted to send a message that while there's talk of constructing a wall, the focus should be on building bridges.

"I think the people on the far left, need to come a little to the middle. I think the people on the far right, need to come a little more to the middle," Cortis explained.

Bryan Svoboda had a seat inside the rally. He called it a surreal and powerful moment. "We stand behind our president just like everybody stood behind Obama," he said

Even a Donald Trump impersonator was seen getting in a few laughs during a time when many people seem divided on the issues and our future.

"I like to make people laugh and have a good time," Dustin Gold said.