BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- My Old Kentucky Home is a song that means so much to Kentucky and there's a show that explains the story behind it.

“They see our show as a part of Americana. And they see it as a representation of what America is,” said Gary Vidito, actor.

For nearly 40 years, Vidito has worked with the Stephen Foster Show. Every year, June through August, he spends countless hours at My Old Kentucky Home Amphitheater.

“We as actors are kind of used to being backstage and seeing have seen those nasty, dirty things that nobody else sees and we're okay with that because that's just part of backstage stuff,” Vidito said.

And Vidito says he always knew eventually those shortcomings would take center stage and need to be addressed but he and Johnny Warren didn't think they'd ever see the closed sign in front of the Amphitheatre.

“We're deeply saddened and very angry to be in this situation. We feel like we've worked very hard to avoid this day,” said Warren, Stephen Foster Drama Association.

A statement from the state Tourism, Arts and Heritage Council, says the decision was made to close the Amphitheatre after an inspection last week exposed electrical and structural issues.

“It would be a great loss and our community knows that and realizes that and they have stepped up to say we cannot suffer that loss,” Warren said.

Warren says since the state turned the power off two days ago, they've met with state and local officials to come up with a solution. They're now waiting to see if the state will allow the county to take over the financial burden of repairs, which could equal about $50,000 to $100,000.

“We want a safe space for our actors, and we believe we can create that safe space with local resources,” Warren said.

Nearly 60 years of performances and tens of thousands of visitors, this group says they will do whatever it takes to make sure the curtain does not close on the Stephen Foster Story.

A GoFundMe page has been created and donations continue to grow.