LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A tragedy on Wesport Road.

“Our thoughts and prayer are with the student and the family,” Dr. Marty Pollio, JCPS interim superintendent, said.

Jefferson County School's top leaders joined investigators as they pieced together the details.

“Anytime you get a call like this to come out and it's a fatality involving a juvenile – their life was cut short,” said Vadim Dale, LMPD.

Police say the 16-year-old jumped out of the front door of his moving JCPS school bus on Westport Road. They say it happened in a split second.

There were adult monitors on the bus but had no time to react to stop him.

Police say based on his injuries it appears the bus ran him over and killed him. Police say the bus was full of children at the time of the accident on their way to Uspiritus, a school run by JCPS for vulnerable kids.

“It's very difficult with juveniles especially when they are involved situation. It's hard for them to their emotions, what's going on and how to process their emotions so we're a little more tender with them,” Dale said.

Police say it's still unclear if the student pushed the emergency exit button or forced the door open himself.

Uspiritus released this statement:

The Uspiritus family is obviously devastated at the news that one of our children was involved in such a tragic event today.

At this time, we have our own trained psychiatric staff working together with crisis counselors from JCPS to make sure the children who witnessed this and those who knew the child, as well as our staff who cared deeply for him have access to counseling they need.

We ask for the community to pray for us. We’re very much like a family here at Uspiritus and we are trying to come to grips with such a tragic loss.

There were no other students injured and police say they do not expect the bus driver to face any charges.