LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) -- The Saint Joseph neighborhood is usually quiet like this Sunday afternoon, but one day earlier, the usual peace was broken, with word that one of their neighbors had been stabbed several times.

"Yeah, it's really, really crazy," neighbor Mike Whitman said. "That's the best way I can explain it."

"They heard her screaming out, 'Help me! Help me!'" Kerry Seelye, who learned the news from a friend who witnessed the attack, said. "I just wanted to sit there and cry. I've known this woman all my life. I knew her parents, her brothers, and it was just very upsetting, especially in this neighborhood."

"I was praying for her last night and in church this morning," neighbor Gail Hart said.

Metro Police arrested Kenneth Embry, 58, who was renting an apartment from the victim in the 500-block of Atwood Street, according to the police citation. The landlord was walking to get a key in order to check out a complaint from a tenant about air conditioning, according to the citation, when police say Embry ran up to her from behind, knocked her down, and then stabbed her several times in the head and body with a large butcher knife.

"He'd always stare," Seelye said, claiming Embry had only lived there a few months. "He just seemed kind of creepy, I mean that's just my opinion. He just seemed kind of creepy to me."

"It really hurt my feelings to know that somebody could be so treacherous, don't have a heart, compassion for people," Whitman said. "It really hurt me."

Emergency services arrived and took the victim to the hospital. Hospital officials said the woman was released Sunday, much to the joy of many neighbors.

"It almost brought me to tears for the simple reason she'd always been real nice and she helped me out," Whitman said.

"Got a good sense of humor," Hart said. "I think they were saying she was even cutting up with them riding in the ambulance after she'd been stabbed all those times."

"She's a sweetheart," Seelye said. "She's good to the people in this neighborhood and any issues we had, she was there to help us."

Embry is facing first-degree assault charges. He is expected to be arraigned Monday morning.