LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was a horrible accident and one that neighbors feared would happen.

"Just breaks my heart," a neighbor who preferred to remain anonymous, said.

She has lived in the area near Falls Creek and U.S. 42 for 12 years. Her own family has been in an accident along this road.

"My daughters were in an accident coming from the prospect area a couple years ago, the car was totaled because the cars behind them didn't stop," she explained.

She says U.S. Highway 42 is a dangerous stretch of roadway.

Now, a four-vehicle accident including a collision with a TARC bus along Highway 42 has left one person dead. Others who were riding that TARC bus were sent to the hospital.

"There were four passengers and a driver on the TARC bus, four of them were taken to University Hospital, no one was seriously injured in that," LMPD Public Information Officer, Dwight Mitchell said.

Police said a red Kia was making a right turn off Falls Creek onto HWY 42. That's when the Kia struck a black SUV, causing it to spin out of control. The black SUV hit a TARC bus and side-swiped another vehicle. The man driving the black SUV died.

"Please help us either control the speed of traffic through here or get a traffic light at Falls Creek and U.S. 42," the neighbor pleas to city leaders.

Police are still investigating. Right now there are no charges.

"I'm not sure whether speed was involved or not, again we're still in the very early stages and all factors are in play," Mitchell said.

The people driving the other two vehicles involved in this wreck were not taken to the hospital.

Police say no obvious signs suggesting alcohol was involved but it is still under investigation.