Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - The temperatures are frigid, and it just keeps getting colder. While most of us are bundling up and searching for ways to stay warm this weekend, the polar bears at the Louisville Zoo are basking in it.

Jane Franklin, Supervisor of Animal Training and Mammal Curator at the Louisville Zoo, said, "Our bears don't really care (about the temperature). They'll go out, and they'll sleep in the middle of the yard."

She added, "You do have to keep an eye on them, too, because they'll get in the pool and get their hair wet and get icicles on their hair.”'

As for the other residents of the zoo, Franklin said the number one priority is making sure they have all of their creature comforts.

“Animals that need to stay in, stay in. We make sure heavy bedding is done," she said.