LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are causing a major pinch on business supplies that could affect you here in Kentuckiana.

With two hurricanes, plus the massive wildfires out west, things like lumber, drywall, roofing and other building essentials are focused on those areas. Experts here say our prices will likely be on the rise.

One reason for the rise is due to many people as we know from our area, being called down South to help with Irma and Harvey. So with them being gone, that could delay existing projects happening in our area. Another reason, if supplies are higher or with workers being gone, companies are looking for ways to make that money back.

Because of the devastation that comes with these natural disasters, places like the Gulf, Florida, California, and Washington are first on the list for supplies.

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According to Perry Lyons, President of P-L Lyons Architectural Builders in Middletown, fewer people in the United States are supplying and that issue dates back to the 2006 recession.

“We're going to see an increase in cost. I mean it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen. It’s going to be in our lumber cost. We're going to see it in insulation, drywall, every building material, because of the devastation that's there, it's going there first,” Lyons said.

Lyons adds that you can't call these increases price gouging when these products simply aren't or may not be available for Kentuckiana contractors.

Take plywood for example. He tells us before the recession a sheet cost six dollars and 33 cents. Prior to the hurricanes, the cost was $15 and now he expects the cost to spike up anywhere between $16 and $18.

If remodeling or building is on your mind, you're urged to contact your builder now rather than wait as those costs will continue to rise and it may be that those materials are not going to be available.