LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It's been a year of waiting and today we learned what the NCAA was able to uncover in its investigation into the Cardinal basketball program.

"A member of our staff made a terrible mistake,” said UofL Athletic Director Tom Jurich. “We said from day one that when we found out we would own it."

After a year of waiting, for the University of Louisville was deemed to have committed four level 1 NCAA violations including allegations that Coach Rick Pitino failed to monitor former assistant Andre McGee.

However, the NCAA did NOT include allegations of lack of institutional control

"The allegations underscore why it was appropriate for the University to self-impose punitive and corrective actions earlier this year,” said President Nevil Pinto.

"The Notice of Allegations does contain a narrow allegation that we will dispute that Coach Pitino failed to monitor Andre McGee,” said Jurich.

The NCAA found that McGee paid $5400 for impermissible benefits to 17 people—including recruits, players, and coaches.

"It was wrong and it is hard to how anyone who worked here thought this was a good idea,” said Jurich.

McGee twice refused to cooperate with NCAA investigators, and fellow former assistant Brandon Williams refused to provide phone records to the NCAA which lacks subpoena power.
"I've spoken to Andre McGee one time,” said Rick Pitino. “It wasn't much of a speech it was a little bit of yelling, and Andre has been advised by his attorney not to speak."

While McGee and Williams may face sanctions barring them from ever coaching again the impact on the 2013 title team or the 2016 cardinals to be minimal.

"We don't think the vacation of records penalty is appropriate,” said NCAA compliance expert Chuck Smrt.

"This is a time that we have to walk the walk and I believe that we've done that,” said Jurich.

"The way to move forward is to convince everybody to look after each other if we see something wrong to come and stop it because a great team got hurt,” said Pitino. “Some terrific people got hurt along with our loyal fan base who really suffered from this."

Now there are still some questions about which players or recruits were involved. Coach Pitino says he doesn't know the names, but the University does, however, they are not releasing that information.