LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For the first time, Louisville Metro Police is now speaking out about an investigation we've been asking questions about all week.

It involves the Explorer Youth Program, designed to help teenagers interested in law enforcement and an officer.

Through multiple sources, WHAS11 has learned the officer in question is Officer Brandon Wood.

LMPD's statement posted on Facebook says:

"We continue to stress that allegations of our members involved in criminal wrongdoing are very concerning and something we take quite serious. Our Public Integrity Unit received information that necessitated an investigation into an officer's behavior surrounding our Youth Explorer Program."

The Explorer program is associated with the Boy Scouts of America. They did not want to comment but did send a statement. The spokesperson tells WHAS11 News that LMPD did contact them to tell them about the investigation. Once they knew about the investigation, they "revoked the individual's registration as a volunteer in our organization."

Police have not released specifics on the allegations against Officer Wood.

WHAS11 has been looking deeper into Woods past actions as an officer.

Records indicate a number of letters of commendation. Words like professionalism, courage, and compassion appear frequently.

Also in his file are several suspensions. The majority are due to missed court appearances but in August 2013, he was suspended for nine days. The letter says he "shot at the rear portion of a stolen vehicle driving away from him."

Pictures of Officer Wood still appear on the Explorers Program website, touting his accomplishments with the program including when he was named Top Male Explorer in 2005.