PEKIN, Ind. (WHAS11) —Folks in Washington County woke up to blasts of powerful winds, and many spent the rest of the day cleaning up.

The line of severe weather, packed with tornado warnings, knocked down utility poles on SR 335, toppled trees, and even sparked and fanned a fire at a large chicken coop on Wright Brothers Farm.

On SR 135, the roof blew off Kevin Collard’s house which he was remodeling.

The home was empty because he, his wife and their three kids were living in a trailer up the road.

Collard says he already put $10,000 into fixing up the house, which may be all lost.

“The outside had to be fixed up before they would insure it,” Collard pointed out.

Over on Sellers Lane, an entire trailer home flipped over, trapping three people inside.

They all got out, but firefighters actually had to use a chainsaw to cut a hole to get to the last person trapped.

“They got in there and cut a hole in the other wall to get the other guy out. He was trapped in the bathroom,” neighbor Steve Pike said.

Despite widespread destruction, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department says no one was seriously hurt in the storm.