LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Parking fees could be coming to Waterfront Park. The controversial idea to raise funds for the park is back, now with the mayor's support.

Funding for Waterfront Development Corporation has been a topic that has been up for debate since Governor Bevin cut all the state's traditional financial support of the park.

In a letter to the Waterfront Development Corporation, Mayor Greg Fischer encourages park leaders to adopt a system to pay for parking at events that are held at Waterfront Park.

“A perfect example would be Waterfront Wednesday,” explained David Karem, President of the Waterfront Development Corporation.

The proposal is getting mixed emotions from park goers.

“I think if you're inviting people to come down for an event, then I think it's kind of wrong to try to charge them to park,” said one park attendee Darlene.

“I understand that because when you go to any event downtown, you really count on paying for parking, whether it's the Yum Center or wherever, you're going to pay,” said another park attendee Sharon Westenhofer.

David Karem with Waterfront Park said they are setting up a meeting with the Parking Authority of River City and Riverside Parking to explore the possibility of paying to park for events.

Then they plan to tackle another issue: just what qualifies as an event and who will get charged?

“We have some meetings set up next week,” said Karem, “just to explore, how, if at all we would do that, then we would take that back our board and see what the reaction is.”

For now, Waterfront Park attendees can continue to park for free.