NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- It's the hunt for a Gallopalooza horse that makes Pat Harrison heartbroken, but hopeful.

"We find it a valuable part of our company, a valuable part of our life and a valuable part of the community," she told WHAS11.

She's on a mission to make sure her prize possession is found. Harrison is now walking the streets of New Albany, with hammer in hand, nailing fliers on every telephone pole she sees. "We are going to put them all around here to see if maybe somebody will see it," she said.

She won the horse in an online auction as part of Louisville's Operation Brightside campaign in 2004. It's one of 224 horses sold that year with many still seen around town. The horse, the 1901 Derby winner His Eminence, has stood outside Harrison's reality office for 13 years.

"It was all about giving back to the community and it was about having something that meant something," Harrison said.

She believes the horse was knocked over in a storm two weeks ago. It was placed in a back parking lot, but when she returned to work a few days later, the horse was gone. It's a mystery that still baffles Harrison and the main question that hasn't been answered, why would someone take it?

"Hopefully they will bring him back and we'll have him reinstated where he was in the elegant way he was there all these years," she said.