LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Haircuts for the homeless. It's a movement that has received great response this weekend in downtown Louisville and is now going viral on social media, with close to 80,000 views.

Minister Jerald Muhammad, with Brothers Helping Brothers explains, “To watch a man stand in line with his head shoulders dropped and is head down and to get out of the chair with his head up and chest out that really made me feel good.”

Minister Muhammad recorded a Facebook live video showing the Urban Barbers of Louisville partnering with Flour’s Dream, they gave free haircuts to homeless people along with food and toiletries.

It took place this weekend at the Archdiocese of Louisville on Brook Street.

“We have 76,000 views so this act of kindness has touched the hearts of people all over the city and actually all over the country,” Muhammad said.

J. Alexander, owner of Campus Barber Shop on 4th Street near Cardinal Boulevard states, “You do this without any sponsorships or anything like that and you just go and give of yourself and your time, that really makes you feel good.”

“Divine” is Alexander’s barber name, he helped spearhead the collection of barbers. He owns helped form the nonprofit Urban Barbers of Louisville.

“I really have some sort of connection with the homeless, regardless of where I'm at, I'm able to talk to the homeless, they're able to talk to me, we might share a few words, share a few dollars,” he said.

This event featured more than 35 volunteers and more than 100 homeless people.

Jermaine Sutton, a Barber with Five Star Barber Shop in Louisville tells us, “They actually gave me more encouragement to keep going because they always say – no matter if you hit the bottom, there's always a way up.”

Samantha Humbert, a volunteer with Fleur’s Dream explains, “Saturday afternoon we hit the streets, we hand out fliers, we co under bridges, we go to camp sites.”

Humbert says Fleur’s Dream started in New Orleans and is now making a buzz in the Derby City.

“It was a real nice and wonderful thing to see, the barbering world giving back to the community,” Sutton added.

A worthy and selfless cause that is now going viral. The simplest of touches to fine tune a beard or a low cut seems effortless to these barbers, but their work for the less fortunate is the best tip they could ever receive.

The next give back event is scheduled for early April. To get involved or seek help from Fleur’s Dream click here.

To keep up with the Urban Barbers of Louisville, click here.