LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A local nonprofit is asking for the public’s support to help curb the growing rate of recidivism in our area.

The so-called “revolving door” of crime and those who end up incarcerated over and over has the Prisoner’s of Hope Ministry working around the clock.

The headlines throughout the area have been heavy.

From the overpopulation issues with Metro Corrections with reports of inmates and an opioid crisis that has caused hundreds of deaths in the area this year alone.

The Prisoner’s of Hope Ministry said reaching out to those affected is crucial – the group helps in every phase starting with the pre-incarceration assistance.

"Incarceration ministry, post-incarceration ministry, parent class for the spouse left behind, a children's ministry for the children and we do a weekly support group for families of those who have been incarcerated," Darryll Davis explains.

He says his will to help stems from 22 years of being incarcerated.

Prisoner's Hope Ministry says when someone is accused of a crime the damage is widespread, citing experts who say children with an incarcerated parent are more likely to enter the justice system as well.

"It’s damaging to the families, children have terrible issues growing up with a parent incarcerated from being teased all the way to bullying situations that can occur," Ron Kelley, a member said.

The organization is holding a fundraising event to curb recidivism. It says nearly two-thirds of the almost 10 million people released from prisons and jails across the nation are re-arrested within three years of release.

With your support, there is added hope for a better life for inmates and their families. The "Taking A Bite Out of Recidivism" gala is Nov. 15 at the Jeffersonian from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with special guest and local chef Darnell Ferguson, who is nationally recognized for his culinary skills.

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