LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The Chuck Olmstead Memorial Fund continues to help bring awareness to brain aneurysms 8 years after the beloved journalist’s death.

The organization recently held a telethon in Chuck Olmstead’s honor which aided in providing free services during the Stroke and Brain Aneurysm Health Screening event Sunday.

The event, featuring donated equipment, allows those to make appointments to get screened. Nurses from Spaulding University also gave their time to save lives.

“It makes tears come to my eyes every year. Like when I see the sign of Chuck that has been done, when I'm at the telethon at the job that he used to work at for over 30 years, when I see people coming through with tears in their eyes saying they think that they're family member has a aneurysm and I could give them that, it's a feeling that's so warm,” Chuck’s wife Candy said.

During the telethon held at WHAS-TV on Oct. 17, the foundation was able to collect $2,500.

One hundred percent of that money went toward funding the brain screenings for aneurysms.