LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Louisville family and a campus community is mourning the loss of a young woman after a shooting at the Tim Faulkner Gallery in the Portland neighborhood.

Twenty-year-old Savannah Walker was a junior at the University of Louisville and was out for a night with her friends when those shots were fired during a rap concert.

Savannah was killed and 5 others were injured.

It was supposed to be Dequan Charles or “Lil De's” first big performance but it turned into chaos. He shared a video of his performance with WHAS11 News where you can see the crowd of hundreds close by.

LMPD says around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, shots rang out inside The Tim Faulkner Art Gallery.

“He got off stage and was changing DJ's and after that it was shots,” Charles recalled.

He says the shooting started after the second act as he adds, “That first shot – I told myself, I said that did not come out of the music or the DJ speaker so I just ran, I had to get out.”

John Anderson, a U of L freshman said, “I loved looking at all of the art and my band played there and I really liked the place, I wouldn't expect something like that to happen.”

“I just ran, that was my first instinct to just get out…that was my first instinct, I didn't look back,” Charles added.

Charles says he's hoping through music to motivate the Derby City to stop the violence.

“Until I change it I got to keep going until I can change these lives and change this vision, I got to keep going.”

Walker was a junior at U of L, she was a Porter Scholar, debate team member and had just lost her mother to pancreatic cancer in mid-February.

A night that will haunt so many and a bright woman her father says died trying to save others.

Police are asking for your help, if you saw anything related to the Tim Faulkner Gallery shooting or if you’re seeing anything on social media, detectives want to know.

You can remain anonymous by calling 574-LMPD.