LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The Consumer Product Safety Commission says almost 70 percent of fireworks-related injuries happen between the middle of June through the middle of July.

As so many are celebrating the 4th of July holiday weekend, you're likely hearing fireworks in your neighborhood but doctors say it is important for you to keep your family safe if you’re planning on using fireworks at home.

"Most commonly burns, but there will be cuts, breaks, fractures, and unfortunately, occasionally with big fireworks we will be seeing amputations,” Dr. Tuna Ozyurekoglu said.

Dr. Ozyurekoglu works for Kleinert Kutz Hand Center in downtown Louisville and says he's already starting to see fireworks injuries this year.

He says many people hold their fireworks in their hands, which are where most of the injuries come from.

Other important tips he says: Always read the directions, some of which will tell you to back up after lighting the firework.

Experts say avoid fireworks in brown bags and douse it with water when you're done. We're also told that many injuries aren't always from the heavier fireworks as Dr. Ozyurekoglu explains, “The most innocent looking are the sparklers and they can go up to 200 Fahrenheit. That's why they should keep children away from these very hot objects so yes they should be very careful with even the simplest sparklers.”

He says, an adult should always be present and you should keep water nearby, either in a bucket or you should be near a hose.

Be sure to use eye protection and only light one firework at a time. Also, never mix alcohol and fireworks.

You are encouraged not to make or use homemade fireworks and don't carry them in your pocket or launch them from glass or metal containers.

It's a great time of year but doctors say safety cannot be forgotten.