LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Just one fire truck left in front of the Brown Condominiums after a long night for many residents.

“I'm feeling blessed, blessed yeah. I'm good,” says Michael Smith, resident.

Fire officials say a fire that left many people out of their homes last night started in a unit on the third floor of the building. And at that point their first priority was working their way through the multi-story building to get everyone out safely who needed to be evacuated.

“It takes a lot of firefighters on scene to contain a fire in a high rise because there's a lot of potential there, but at the end of the day, it went pretty smooth, nobody hurt,” says Chief Adam Jones, Buechel Fire Department.

Officials say a stove started the fire but it was contained to just one apartment so fortunately, everyone was safe this time. But when it comes to these tall buildings officials say it's a challenge for everyone.

“Don't just think because you see it on TV, that you're immune to it. Be proactive and think, 'What would I do if this were to happen in my residence?'” Says Sal Melendez, Louisville Fire Department.

Melendez says their firefighters train for fires in high rise buildings and they also inspect those buildings yearly because the codes are very strict. But you have a responsibility to stay safe too. Always have an escape plan.

“That includes where to go, what to do, who to alert and where the means of escape are,” Melendez says.

It’s a plan that many residents at the Brown Condos are happy they had, because fortunately, they all are coming home safe and sound.