LOUISVILLE, Ky.(WHAS 11)--Cheers and chants ringing out at the corner of Third and Muhammad Ali just outside the Omni Louisville Project site.

A group of workers are striking over what it calls unfair treatment and wages.

It's not the first time we've seen them walk off the job.

In May, more than 100 non-union workers staged a walk-out claiming to make $17 less than union workers.

The fight's been going on for weeks and the attorney representing the group says the contracting company, Brasfield, and Gorrie is now threatening to lay off the local workers.

We reached out to Brasfield and Gorrie for a response to the strike.

A representative sent us this statement:

"At the outset of the project, wage rates for the project were established. Those wage rates were subject to legal challenges and proceedings brought by the Carpenters Union. Those wage rates have remained intact and have been in place since that time. All employees on the project site are being paid appropriately based upon the wage requirements which are applicable to this project."