CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – Within hours of a corrections officer being shot inside his home, police detained who they thought was responsible- but Monday he's back out on the streets.

The shooting happened in Clarksville Saturday night. The off-duty metro corrections officer was hit in the shoulder. He said he knows who did it, but police claim they aren't sure.

Police tell us they are actively working this case but it is complicated.

Millions watched the frantic search for the suspect unfold on national television only minutes after an off duty Metro Corrections Officer was shot inside his Clarksville home,

Lead by her K9, Jeffersonville Officer Susan Woodard and her team searched through the night for a man accused of shooting an off-duty officer.

"Let’s check out the front. He's not showing me anything in that yard,” Woodard said of her dog, during the search.

The search for the suspect captured by A&E's "Live PD" camera crew.

Police said it was a home invasion turned shooting. They said the suspect broke into the home and when the officer, who lives in the residence confronted him with a weapon, the suspect took it from him and started shooting.

The victim told police he knows who did it but police maintain they aren't sure.

"Were trying to follow up on everything to figure out what’s going on,” Detective Scott Merchant with Clarksville Police, said.

Within hours of the call, the lead detective said they had the named suspect in custody for questioning. Police said he provided an alibi, explaining where he was Saturday and who he was with, so they let him go.

Now police say they are working to confirm his story. Meanwhile, the officer is waiting for justice.

"We are tremendously thankful that it went the way that it did, cause it could have gone much worse,” Jail Union President Tracy Dotson said.

The officer was released a short time after being rushed to the hospital.

His injuries were not severe but police said charges in the case may be, if and when they can arrest a suspect. For now, police claim they are just working to find the truth.