LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – An amazing story of heroism is coming to light.

On. Nov. 7, the semi-truck driver who crashed his truck on I-65 South on Hospital Curve couldn't get out of his fiery cab on his own. The quick action of an LMPD officer and Southern High School teacher saved his life.

Part of the truck carrying plastic exploded, but an LMPD Officer Omar Lee and teacher James Wyatt did not think twice. Sgt. Lee knew the driver, Brad Vandeventer, could burn to death in that truck. So, he and Wyatt, who saw the trouble and stopped, then ran toward the danger.

In a video posted to Facebook, Sgt. Lee recounts the rescue from that night, “I start punching the window and I grab my radio, start hitting the window until it broke open enough to reach our hands in and grab him and pull him out. Now by this time, the truck was fully engulfed in flames. He's up against a concrete wall so we made the decision to toss him over that wall to give him some protection from the fire because at least the concrete barrier will help keep him protected from getting burned.”

Vandeventer is now charged with driving under the influence, but he is alive.

No one was hurt in the crash or rescue.