LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville Metro police officer has been accused of raping a woman two different times, according to a civil lawsuit. The woman is unnamed, but WHAS11 News talked to her attorney.

“What she really wants is for the officer to not be an officer anymore. She wants him to be punished for what he did to her,” explained Attorney Shannon Fauver.

She said the woman and Officer Pablo Cano met at Seneca Park last year and that's when they exchanged numbers. Fauver said they didn't see each other again until weeks later when Fauver said Cano showed up at her client's house unannounced.

“He stopped by, they were talking on the front porch, he pushed his way in, and then assaulted her,” she explains.

According to the lawsuit, Cano was wearing his police uniform at the time. Fauver said Cano came back to the woman's house the next day and did it again.

“Second time he came back, he wasn't in uniform, but he still carried his gun so, she didn't really know what to do about that.”

Fauver said her client didn't file a criminal complaint right away because she felt intimidated. Fauver explains when the woman saw Cano again in public months later, she decided something needed to be done.

“If a police officer is the one that hurt you, how are you going to call the police on them?” Fauver said.

Fauver said her client has filed a criminal complaint now. An LMPD spokesperson said there is an active investigation going on by the Public Integrity Unit, which investigates criminal allegations against officers.

The city and police department are also being sued in this lawsuit because Fauver said Cano is believed by her client to have been on duty.

The isn't the first time LMPD has seen a suit like this. Recently, another high-profile lawsuit was filed with similar claims that the police department did nothing to stop sexual abuse.

WHAS11 News has reached out to Cano’s lawyer and is still waiting for his response.