PAOLI, Ind. (WHAS11) - Many places across Kentuckiana spent the day without power after the storms moved through. That included the entire town of Paoli, Indiana, which did its best to make do without the lights.

“I was coloring, watching my television, and the next thing I know, and the electricity went off," resident Crystal Jifkins said. “There’s pine trees down, with the roots uprooted, limbs everywhere, power lines down.”

No light left the local Hardees with no bacon of either the food or cash variety.

"About 5:45, the electricity went off. So, we just sit and wait, thought maybe it would come back on, but still waiting, so nothing,” Hardees’ manager Lisa Followell said.

No means to cook meant no customers to serve.

"Breakfast is our busiest time so we just sit and wait,” Followell said.

Having no power also called for more precautions.

"We're not opening any of the refrigerators or anything, trying to keep that stuff as cold and frozen as can be,” Followell said.

The waiting game forced the crew to get creative with its cuisine.

"They did have some tea made, so we're all drinking some tea, and there were a few apple turnovers. So, we all had tea, juice, and apple turnovers for breakfast,” Followell said.

What Wednesday’s shift lacked in orders, it made up for with optimism.

Across town, the storms made their mark in yard after yard.

"We just heard some wind, and it just kept coming and coming,” neighbor Sean Fahey said.

There was debris in trees, on fences, and just about everywhere it shouldn't be.

"Just a lot of property damage, trees, and things that we'll have to clean up, but it can be cleaned up,” Fahey said.

The aftermath of something like this is never easy, but this community is choosing to see the silver lining.

"Our house is okay. We're okay. Neighbors are okay. We've all checked in on each other, making sure everybody is okay, and that's the most important thing. Things can be replaced, but people can't,” Fahey said. “It was a little scary, kind of awkward. We’ve never experienced anything like that. So, you just do what they tell you to do and seek shelter and make sure that you’re safe and have your loved ones nearby.”