LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – ‘Not in my neighborhood’ is the message hundreds of Newburg area residents are sending to Metro Council.

“If it's such a great proposal, why not build it in your neighborhood? Because we don't want it. We are a single-family community, we do not want a multi-community, build it in yours!” said one woman furious and afraid that her community will crumble if 144 affordable housing units are brought to Newburg Road.

“We do have to accept Section 8 vouchers,” the developer, Michael Gross, explained. “But we do not have to accept the tenet that comes with it.”

Gross with LDG Developments is asking the city to re-zone the property near Garden Green Way and Newburg Road so that they can build a multi-family complex.

Gross said this would not be public housing subsidized by the city but could accept residents who have vouchers that qualify them for low-income housing. Hundreds of people gathered at Forest Baptist Church to say ‘absolutely not.’

“We don't want this in our neighborhood. Vouchers, we do not want any voucher problems, or programs in our neighborhood,” another upset neighbor said.

These neighbors are worried that their now thriving neighborhood might fall.

“We got people that walk, they ride their bicycles every day in this neighborhood, and they feel comfortable about doing that. I don't think they'll feel the same way if they do this,” Orlandis McClain who has lived in Newburg for 50 years, said.

The next step is for the developer to file an official application with the city's planning and zoning committee. This was just one of many public meetings to come before a vote is made by Metro Council.

Attached is the full proposal by LGD:

Newburg Housing Complex Plan by Christopher CJ Daniels on Scribd