LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Whether you're one of the 89,000 people in the Metro battling asthma or 13.7% of adults in Indiana, researchers say it's important for you to know the quality of air.

AIR Louisville, along with Metro Government and other organizations just finished a two-year study using these smart asthma and COPD inhalers that can connect to your phone, using 1,147 Kentuckiana residents.

“We saw a 74 percent reduction in usage and that's just from people learning so by having this additional information about air quality and knowing, then maybe today I shouldn't go for that bike ride at lunchtime. I have asthma. I know that I'm vulnerable,” Grace Simrall, Chief of Civic Innovation, said.

Fischer said the study shows less vehicle congestion and more trees in our area will help lessen asthma attacks.

“The lack of an adequate tree canopy most impacts people from low-income areas of our community,” Fischer said.

The new, real-time asthma alert system can notify people in Kentuckiana, including schools, when asthma or COPD risks are high.

The digital technology helped participants increase in the number of symptom-free days, and a 14 percent increase in nights without symptoms.

“This information can be useful for our community to know how to plan their daily activities, particularly, the ones that are outdoors,” Simrall said.

The city has pledged 25,000 dollars for planting trees in high-risk Louisville neighborhoods and these smart Louisville asthma alerts will go out to residents, schools, and daycares when pollution or asthma conditions are high.

You can do your part by watching our forecasts and turning off your car when waiting instead of letting it idle.

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