LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The newest member of Metro Council was trying to clean the air today about his resume.

Councilmember Vitalis Lanshima was defending his previous employment status with Jefferson County Public Schools.

In a recent WHAS11 I-Team report, the school system was in the process of firing Lanshima as a special education teacher. Lanshima denied any wrongdoing and said he would challenge the district’s decision.

Lanshima addressed several of the allegations, saying they were ultimately embellished or not true at all.

Earlier this year, Lanshima received a letter of intent to terminate from JCPS. The allegations included withholding a student from lunch, wrestling with a student, and intimidating a student by flipping a desk. He says he was put in that classroom for a reason and the allegations are not true.
Lanshima promised to be more transparent moving forward.

“I promise those in my district and the entire community that I am going to be forthcoming with information. I am not going to run and hide but I will make sure that I am transparent in everything that I do. I did not think that I would find myself in this situation that I am today.”

Lanshima has appealed his JCPS termination.

WHAS11 News tried to contact JCPS for comment but did not receive an immediate response.