LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – As the discussion surrounding refugees continues nationally, one church in New Albany held their own discussion Sunday, learning about refugee stories from around the world.

St. Paul’s Refugee Ministry held their parlor stories session, focusing on the stories of refugees.

Alinoti Malebo shared two poems he wrote about his own experience growing up in a refugee camp in Tanzania, moving to Louisville just two years ago.

Malebo, now a senior at Iroquois High School, says his family was from the Democratic Republic of Congo but has never been there, having been born in a refugee camp.

“Refugees are also people. They are human beings. They have two eyes but the way they are living or that they are treated is not really good. So about refugees, I can say they are also people like us,” he said.

Malebo said when he first moved to America, it was a difficult adjustment because he didn’t know the language or anyone locally.

He says he wants to share his message – that change can come from everybody hoping to be part of the solution.