LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Inside the four walls of Metro Corrections, officials are working to find out how an inmate had 98 needles in his possession. The needles were found along with several other contraband items during a special operations security sweep inside the facility.

"I don't see how an inmate could bring in 98 needles through our booking process. I'm pretty sure that didn't happen,” Tracy Dotson, President of FOP Lodge 77 said.

Jail officials said had the needles been brought through the booking process they would have been detected- either during the pat down search or on the body scanner.

They also said the type of needle discovered is not carried as part of jail inventory, meaning they were brought into the facility illegally.

"What you're looking at is somebody brought those in and gave them to somebody, either to give to an inmate or they gave them to an inmate them self,” Dotson said.

Dotson claims it’s a training issue, one he highlighted in a letter that was delivered to Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton last week.

He said that lack of training, along with security camera malfunctions, issues with doors locking properly, and radio communication problems is nothing new.

Dotson said, "A lot of the issues that people are seeing brought light to, we have documented minutes where we've been trying to get those addressed for months and months and months."

Some of that discussion happened at two Public Safety Committee meetings over the last month. Both focused on issues inside the jail.

"Our job is to listen and look at all of this and then figure out a way forward. How do we allocate an appropriate amount of resources to deal with the challenges that we are seeing,” Metro Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith said.

She said the issues inside the jail are a top concern for the committee.

"Number one priority in our jail is the safety of the employees and the safety of all of the inmates that are there,” Sexton said.

She said they will continue working to find solutions to address the problems.