CINCINNATI (WHAS11) – After a hearing in Cincinnati, UofL learned that the NCAA’s final ruling in UofL’s basketball sex scandal could come in six to eight weeks.

After the meeting, the interim president of the university said in a statement, "We had the opportunity to present the information as we wished. It is anticipated that the Committee on Infractions will inform the institution on the specific findings and penalties in approximately six to eight weeks."

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“The hearing today the way it looks if certain individuals in the athletic program don't get what they want they will continue to fight so there is the potential whatever the situation is today if the parties keep driving the bus and fighting and don't like it they can go to the appeals committee,” Larry Wilder, Katina Powell’s lawyer said.

Following the meeting, Tom Jurich told the Courier Journal's Jeff Greer the committee asked many questions and that he hopes this matter is behind them soon.

Katina Powell, who wrote the tell-all book Breaking Cardinal Rules, was not at the meeting.