National coffee day: Keep it local
Author: WHAS Staff
Published: 1:39 PM EDT September 29, 2017
Updated: 1:39 PM EDT September 29, 2017
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WIth a plethora of local shops and roasteries, you don't need to step into Starbucks or Dunkin' Doughnuts to get your caffeine fix.

McQuixote Coffee and Books is offering a free cup of coffee with any book purchase today.


National coffee day: Keep it local

Chapter 1


Sunergos Coffee (2122 S. Preston St.)

Heine Bros. (822 Eastern Pkwy.)

Bean (1138 Goss Ave.)

Scarlet's Bakery/Good Folks Coffee (741 E. Oak St.)

Chapter 2

Downtown/Old Louisville

Heine Bros. (462 S. Fourth St.)

Smokey's Bean (1212 S. Fourth St.)

Sunergos (231 S. Fifth St.)

Quill's (327 Cardinal Blvd.)

Please & Thank You (252 E. Market St.)

North Lime Coffee & Doughnuts (1228 S. 7th St.)

Chapter 3

East End/St. Matthews

Base Camp Coffee (4600 Shelbyville Rd.)

Red Hot Roasters (1399 Lexington Rd.)

Heine Bros. (2714 Frankfort Ave, 119 Chenoweth Lane, 4305 Shelbyville Rd., 4901 Brownsboro Rd, 805 Blankenbaker Pkwy)

Fante's Coffee (2501 Grinstead Dr.)

Vint (2309 Frankfort Ave.)

Please & Thank You (2341 Frankfort Ave.)

Chapter 4


Please & Thank You (800 E. Market St.)

Quills (802 E Main St.)

Chapter 5

West End

McQuixote Coffee and Books (1512 Portland Ave. #1)

Chapter 6


Safai Coffee (1707 Bardstown Rd.)

Days (1420 Bardstown Rd.)

Heine Bros (1295 Bardstown Rd, 2200 Bardstown Rd, 3060 Bardstown Rd, 3965 Taylorsville Rd)

Highland Coffee (1140 Bardstown Rd.)

Quill's (930 Baxter Ave.)

Chapter 7

South End

Sunergos (306 W Woodlawn Ave.)

Sister Beans (5225 New Cut Rd.)

Stomping Grounds Coffee Co. (10019 Dixie Hwy)

Chapter 8

Southern Indiana

Side Effects (1945 State St.)

Too Tired Bike & Bean (250 Spring St.)

Pearl St Game & Coffee (405 Pearl St.)

Heine Bros. (1475 Veteran's Pkwy.)

The Widow's Brew Coffee Shop (415 E. Riverside Dr.)

Quills (137 E. Market St.)

Starlight Coffee Co. (3131 Grant Line Rd.)

Kolkin Coffee (2736 Charlestown Rd.)