LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Unfinished business.

“I'm going to pick up where he left off,” Jamie Denton, Robert Leachman’s mother said.

Denton says when her 20-year-old son was shot and killed, he was just beginning his work to be an advocate for his community.

“I'm very proud of him. I can't explain how much I'm proud of him,” she said.

Denton says it was an incident taped back in May 2016 that inspired her son to fight back.

“He handled it like a man. He handled it professional and he got his voice out,” Denton said,

Leachman was behind the camera when officers approached him and other boys on a basketball court in Victory Park.

It's unclear in the video why the officers approached the boys but one of those officers is Beau Gadegaard. He was an officer involved in the fatal shooting of Darnell Wicker, who police say had a tree saw in his hand at the time of the shooting.

Gadegaard was suspended for 24 hours after he failed to turn on his body camera during that incident. And police say they're still investigating this incident in Victory Park.

Denton says her son called a lawyer after the run-in with police. He wanted to file a lawsuit.

“He could let other young men know this isn't right. And you guys should know your rights,” Denton said.

Leachman was shot and killed earlier this month. The man arrested in the case, Deandre Williams, was released to home incarceration hours after he was arrested. Judge Sean Delahanty said he didn't have enough information to hold him.

Leachman's mother remembers her son for the good things and that's why she wants the lawsuit.

“That's my boy and I love him and I see what he was saying. He was always talking to me about what he wanted to do,” she said.

The lawsuit has not been officially filed just yet. Denton says she's still working with lawyer but plans to file as soon as possible.