LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Dalivia Carron was planning to spend Easter Sunday with her family and her newborn son, but sadly she became one of Louisville's latest homicide victims.

"Now this has turned into a nightmare for them," said community activist Christopher 2X.

Carron's family says the 20 year-old was with a male friend at an apartment complex on Kingston Avenue where both were shot and killed early Friday morning. Her 6 month-old son was inside at the time. Family members have identified the male victim as Ricky Jones.

"Any homicide at any time is just horrific on a family as far as the emotional toll and physical toll. With that said, around the holidays or special events, especially with young kids involved, it takes it to another level of grief," 2X said.

Their deaths come as two other people were killed within the city, the crimes happening just 6 hours apart. Police found Abe Brown's body in a car on Wilmoth Avenue late Thursday night. He played football for the University of Louisville in the mid 2000s. Coach Bobby Petrino offered his condolences Friday.

"I do know he was two young boys. An awful thing for the Cardinal family," Petrino said.

About an hour after police found Brown's body, authorities say James Tomes admitted to shooting and killing 32-year-old Christine L. Hawthorne, whom he had just met. Her body was found at a home on Dale Road.

Police say Tomes's temper got violent during his interview.

"He destroyed our interview room, he ripped the dry erase board off the wall he kicked a hole in the wall and he urinated on the floor," said Lt. Emily McKinley.

Bishop Dennis Lyons took time Friday to address the city's violence during his radio show. He wants to see more gun free zones like the one he implemented in his west end community years ago.

"We have not had a murder at 34th and Vermont in 13 years. At one time, that was called the most dangerous corner of the city of Louisville," Lyons said.

It is a tragic start to Easter weekend for four families and the children who won't get to share it with their parents. If you have information about any of the deaths, you can call the anonymous LMPD tip line at 574-LMPD.