LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Nearly 90,000 cars travel across the Ohio River bridges daily, so it’s easy to see how tolls can add up quickly, but a RiverLink spokesperson says, in this case, they were adding up far too fast.

"Folks were receiving first toll notices, and second toll notices on the same day or in very close proximity,” Peterson said. “That should never be the case."

Peterson blames a miscommunication as the reason that more than 5,000 invoices were held inadvertently, triggering a $5 fee on top of the tolling charges.

"Clearly that was an error on our end, on RiverLink's end, that was noticed pretty quickly,” Peterson said. “We made the adjustment pretty quickly too."

By crediting accounts that were overcharged Peterson believes RiverLink has fixed the problem, but she admits there is still a loophole preventing some drivers from getting their bill.

"One trip in a passenger vehicle doesn't trigger an invoice,” Peterson said. “It actually takes two trips. There have been people who took one solo trip, and they're wondering where's my invoice? They're not going to get an invoice."

These issues just add to the bumps in the road experience in RiverLink's first 10 months, but despite calls to the contrary Peterson says it's still the best way to go.

"It's a much more efficient process when you are not slowing drivers,” Peterson said. “They're not looking for coins, tossing them in the bucket. All of the traffic is moving. To make the system work though you go through a process of opening the account, getting a transponder, or you get an invoice in the mail."

If you feel like you've received a phony charge on your Riverlink account you're being asked to call in and file a dispute with Riverlink.

For more information click here: https://riverlink.com/