LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For the first time, Metro Councilman Dan Johnson spoke publicly about the sexual harassment claims against him made by Jessica Green who says Johnson grabbed her rear end at a public event at Wyandotte Park earlier this month.

"It was an accident. They were crowding in on me. How could that be looked at as anything but an accident?" he said at a Thursday news conference.

Johnson also says he did not drop his pants and expose his rear to Councilwoman Angela Leet's legislative aide Erin Hinson last year. He said he apologized to Hinson because he didn't want to make her feel bad

Johnson's attorney Thomas McAdam called the entire public situation a lynching because Johnson is perceived to already be guilty. "A lynching, by definition, is extra-judicial punishment. Someone is found guilty of a crime and punished without any judicial process," he told reporters.

McAdam took issue with Green and others going public about the claims. He says the current harassment resolution behind drafted hurts the accused while protecting the victim.

"Even as we speak, there is a taskforce headed by Jessica Green that's drawing up a new sexual harassment policy. One of the things she says that is central to this is some provision to protect the identity of the victim. Think about that. Anonymous complaints," McAdam said.

Johnson says he no longer has confidence with the Democratic caucus. His decision to resign from the caucus still allows him to attend and vote at metro council meetings.

Johnson will be allowed to call witnesses and testify for himself at the Democratic Caucus meeting scheduled for July 13.