LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Gladys Hall has had to live with a view for months of an abandoned home in her Newburg community, but it's one she'd rather live without.

"Sometimes I see them pull in here and get out of their vehicles. Sometimes I see them sitting in here. What they're doing over here, I don't know. But I know it's not right," she told WHAS11.

She claims when the homeowners moved out, that's when the crime, including prostitution and drug use, moved in. "Anything could be happening here," Hall said.

Putting a stop to the crime could come with a multi-million dollar price tag. Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin wants at least a few million dollars to flip many of the city's empty buildings.

"We have thousands of people that are homeless and we have seven thousand vacant pieces of property that could be rehabbed and put people in these homes. That's the bad part about it," Shanklin said.

Develop Louisville keeps a tally of the vacant buildings and lots throughout the city. The list tops 7,800. Its director says nationally Louisville ranks low but acknowledges complaints come in daily.

"That doesn't necessarily help a resident who is living in a neighborhood that has four and five houses that are boarded up on their block. It's certainly an issue we're dealing with on a daily basis," Laura Grabowski said.

Helping the homeless is an idea Hall can stand behind because she says anything is an improvement from the activity that's happening steps from her front door.