LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Nine Metro Council members held a listening session for their residents Monday night to address the city's murder rate and solutions to decrease the crime rate. For many people inside Cole's Place, it is the single most important issue.

"I'm not proud of my community. I'm not even proud of our city here," Neal Robertson said.

He was born and raised in Louisville. He wants the community conversation to be more than just full of dialogue and ideas. "I challenge any council member, I challenge the mayor, I challenge anybody that wants to come with me and live in Park Hill for 5 days," he told WHAS11.

Many also brought up the Metro Council's public spat with LMPD Chief Steve Conrad. Some were split on whether the council should be going after the chief. Others want more attention brought to policing, including a more hands-on approach.

"We need police to get out of their cars, to know the people in their community, to do true community policing," Rhonda Mathies said.

Robertson hopes even more people get involved. As passionate as he is about the place he calls home, he knows a town hall won't fix all of the problems, but it will hopefully be the start to turning around a city marred by deadly shootings.

The mayor released this statement, "I applaud the community for its open and mature dialogue tonight about public safety. As many people stated, crime is a multifaceted problem that needs many solutions -- mentors, community programs to engage youth, summer jobs for teens, reentry programs and further investment in smart policing. I also appreciate the common-sense conclusions from citizens who said there is no one or two simple solutions. Everyone plays a role in public safety -- from business to churches to elected leaders."

Several Metro Council members are stilling planning to move forward with a planned confidence/no confidence vote against chief Conrad. That is expected sometime before July.