LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- An inmate accused of murder was badly beaten inside Metro Corrections, and the attacker said he did it because the inmate killed his brother.

Austin Patton was in front of a judge Friday morning with two swollen eyes and a bruised face. He maintains he doesn't know what happened or who was involved, but an incident report filed inside the jail sheds light on the disturbing incident--one his family said never should have happened.

Before a judge Friday morning, Austin Patton could barely open his eyes.

Patton's family said he is typically held in jails outside of Louisville, and is only brought to Metro Corrections before a court date. When he is held in Metro Corrections, officers put him in protective custody, according to his family. But this week he was put into general population, inside the same dorm as the brother of the man Patton admits to killing.

"To see this happen to my son, it’s not right. It’s not right at all," Rodney Patton, Austin Patton’s father, said.

With two fractured eye-sockets, a fractured arm and a broken nose, Patton's injuries are severe and tough for his mother to look at. But even more difficult, she said, is the thought that it happened inside the city jail--where her son should be safe.

"He had been jumped by three or four individuals in the dorm while he was washing his clothes. And they choked him to unconsciousness and that's when he woke up and that's when it stopped," Lisa Delarosa said.

WHAS11 requested the incident report from Metro Corrections officials but did not hear back.

A copy was sent to us by someone who works inside the jail, it said Michael Beld and Rick Poore assaulted Patton in the bunk area. Officers found Patton when they went to get inmates for visitation. Patton's mother said that was five hours after he was attacked.

"I didn't get a phone call that anything had happened to him or anything. The captain told me he was on the medical ward but wouldn't tell me what had happened to him," Delarosa said.

The report states Patton did not cooperate with the investigation and maintains he doesn't know what happened.

But according to the incident report, inmate Michael Beld told an officer "he assaulted Patton because he killed his brother."

Patton is charged with shooting and killing Marc Morgan in 2016.

"Being the situation what it is, they never should have put him where he was. He'd already had threats before, and somebody turned their head or dropped the ball," Rodney Patton said.

Now the parents' hope is their son will be safe, as he awaits trial for his alleged crimes.

Patton is being held in Metro Corrections for the next few months while he recovers. He is expected back in court in July.