LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Councilwoman Jessica Green looked on as more than two dozen women stood beside her and said "me too."

“The majority of women have had some type of experience with sexual harassment or sexual assault and they can relate to that,” said Hallie Dizdarevic.

Even some men stood up and spoke out.

“There should be 1,000 men standing out her right now screaming as loud as they can and there aren't. So, no, there aren't enough men speaking up, said Eli Keel, attended the rally.

Organizers created the rally after Metro Council voted to keep Dan Johnson in his 21st District seat with just a few stipulations, despite being accused of groping Councilwoman Green and allegedly dropping his pants in front of Councilwoman Angela Leet's legislative aide.

“Our personal boundaries kept getting crossed. They continue to be crossed and we are here to say no more,” said Councilwoman Leet.

“This is not about Jessica Green. This is about every little girl across this country and every woman in the city of Louisville,” said Councilwoman Green.

Councilwoman Green and the organizers of the rally made it very clear that they were disappointed in the liberal women who did vote to keep Johnson. In an interview with WHAS11 after the vote, Green said she will not forget that the republican women stood with her to vote Johnson out.