LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Nine months after the resignation of Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Donna Hargens we now know the two finalists for the top job.

After cutting their list of superintendent candidates from 9 to 2, JCPS is left with two men who are as familiar with one another as they are the district.

“Anytime I need a committee that I needed a principal on Dr. Pollio was one of my go-to principals,” said Dr. Mike Raisor.

“No one can say that either one of us aren’t passionate about Jefferson County Public Schools, and passionate about the work that we do,” said Dr. Marty Pollio.

While no one is questioning their passion for the job, some are questioning why they would want it.

“We have become a very complex, very fast-moving society,” said Dr. Raisor. “I don’t believe JCPS has kept up.”

“I’ll be candid about it there are times that I’ve thought driving home who would want this job,” said Dr. Pollio.

The challenges facing the future superintendent of JCPS are very real starting with the forensic audit by the Kentucky Department of Education and the possibility of charter schools looming around the corner.

“Our goal is to collaborate with KDE to make this district better,” said Dr. Pollio.

“I come from a district that halted charter schools in their tracks,” said Dr. Raisor. “Not by being anti charter school, but by out innovating charter schools.”

“The majority of our parents say they are happy with their school,” said Dr. Pollio. “They are happy with their teachers. They’re happy with the education that the child is getting. We have to continue that and improve that because having one that’s unhappy is one too many.”

So why do they believe that they are the man to lead JCPS into the future?

“I’ve given 21 years of my life to JCPS,” said Dr. Pollio. “Tireless days and evenings. We all do it, everyone in JCPS does it, not for money or to get rich or things like that but instead to improve the lives of children of Jefferson County.”

“I feel like I’m the man for the job because I have a background and skill set, knowledge base, and proven track record of impacting kids at the classroom, school, and district level in a positive way,” said Dr. Raisor.

“We’ve got work to do,” said Dr. Pollio. “While this whole process is going on we’ve got to continue that work.”

JCPS will be holding a series of community forums beginning in February, and seeking input from the community online as to what traits you believe the next superintendent should possess.

The board hopes to name a new superintendent by March 1.