LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – Dozens of medical needles, weapons and other paraphernalia were found among inmate property during a security search at Louisville Metro Corrections and Louisville Metro Police Department Unit 7 on Feb. 27.

Metro Corrections is now investigating after 98 medical needles, several weapons/shanks and other paraphernalia were found in the living areas for the inmates. The inmates who are involved will likely face additional charges once they are interviewed.

Jail leaders say they don't know where the needles came from but that they are not part of the jail's medical inventory.

Metro Corrections spokesperson Steve Durham released the following statement:

We conducted a robust security search using Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Special Operations Unit, Louisville Metro Police Department and a canine unit. Part of what that search produced included ninety-eight (98) packaged 25 gauge medical needles located in an inmate’s property.

Although there is an open and active investigation and I am unable to discuss too much, we know this:

1. Unless the needles were in a body cavity, Corrections Officer conducting a pat-down search would have found the items at the time the inmate was booked;
2. If these objects has been in a body cavity the bulk and density of the needles would have been detected on the body scanner; and
3. Those needles were not part of the contract medical provider inventory.