Even as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke to hundreds who had gathered at the Kentucky State Fair, President Trump was tweeting about Kentucky’s Senior Senator.

The President called into question why Sen. McConnell could not repeal the Affordable Care Act known as “Obamacare” and suggested the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker Paul Ryan attach a spending bill to the recently passed VA bill.

While Leader McConnell spoke inside, on the way in and out he answered no questions, dodging requests for input on his relationship with the President and thoughts on this morning’s tweets.

Inside, his introduction brought the crowd to their feet.

Mr. McConnell focused part of his speech on federal government regulations and what he described as over-regulation having stunted economic growth in the past few years.

He drew the loudest applause with comments on one regulation this crowd knew well.

“I can tell you, you know this already but, Waters of the United States regulation which had given the federal government to go after every puddle on your farm is on the way to the ash heap of history.”

The ham breakfast is known as one of the two biggest Kentucky political events each year. There are speakers and, in recent years, protests. This year the Fairness Campaign only had a handful of demonstrators and their "Freda Fairness" mascot protesting what they called Farm Bureau's discriminatory policies.

Governor Matt Bevin spoke of down home work ethic while making his pitch on a topic expected to be the focus of a special legislative session and possibly unpopular decisions in Frankfort, pension reform.

"You all represent industry that understands that even sometimes, even when it is sleeting and raining and hailing, you're still out there”, Governor Bevin said. “And politically these are the kind of things that are happening to us not only here but in Washington, DC as well. You have leaders from Kentucky who are willing to take the heat and willing to stand there and get their teeth kicked in and they're doing it because it is the right thing to do.”