LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A JCPS teacher is being hailed a hero after a mother says that teacher saved her son's life.

Kathy Combs was picking her daughter up from an after-school powderpuff football practice at Manual High School when her 10-year-old son started having a seizure in the back seat.

Chris Applegate, a math teacher at the high school was there overseeing the practice.

“Right place, right time and I had the background in it.”

Before Applegate was a teacher, he was an EMT in Pennsylvania. He said a student ran up to him during the practice and was obviously upset.

“Hey Mr. Applegate, something-something seizure, something-something, car,” Applegate reiterated what that student was trying to say.

He then ran to the parking lot to find a hysterical mother, Combs. Her 10-year-old son, DJ Kinderman was having a seizure. The former EMT sprang into action.

“I put him in the recovery position because the seizure had already stopped, he was kind of foaming at the mouth a little bit, but he was breathing. So I put him on his side, monitored his breathing, made sure he kept breathing, checked his pulse to make sure he had one,” said Applegate.

“Chris just took charge and if that was my kid, I would definitely want Chris to be there,” said Helene McDowell who works in the office of the school, and was also supervising the practice.

McDowell also sprang into action and began to block traffic to make room for the ambulance.

“We needed to stop the parents from coming in because we were right in the line of traffic, everything was basically in the middle of the road.”

Kinderman is now recovering at Norton Children's Hospital. Combs emailed the teacher saying in part, "I thought for a moment my worst fear was coming true and that I might lose one of my children."

She went on to say, " I just can't thank you enough for offering me your calm, for reassuring me that my child was breathing, and for caring for him when I couldn't seem to manage in that moment."

“She just thanked me over and over again, she said 'I really believe you saved my son's life' and ' thank you so much for just being there,’ said Applegate.

Combs said her son has never had seizures before. Doctors at Norton Children’s Hospital are running tests to figure out the cause, but he’s expected to be okay.