LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- As Governor Matt Bevin talked, some of the city's best-known clergy members got up and walked out of the room.

"It was a monologue. It was a church service – a bad church service – and it was a waste of our time in that regard,” said Joe Phelps, Highlands Baptist Church.

Governor Bevin urged people in different communities to walk through neighborhoods and pray for the violence to end. His suggestion left many frustrated, some yelling names at him.

That frustration spilling over the communities who deal with the violence every day.

“What can we do? Help us. Help us,” said Wanda Mason, lives in Park Hill.

Just hours after Governor Bevin presented his anti-violence plan, police say a man was found shot in the 1200 block of Brashear Drive in the Park Hill neighborhood. Mason says she's tired of her neighborhood getting a bad rap.

“I'm so tired of people coming and looking over here like we're bad people. We're not,” Mason said.

Mason says she's proud of her neighborhood and the other people who live there, but there needs to be a change. She's willing to buy into Governor Bevin's plan.

“We have to put God in it. When you can't do it by yourself, it has to be some higher power. Everybody knows with prayer anything helps so let's try that,” she said.

“The man who was shot today in Park Hill is expected to be okay. Police say they have not made any arrests in that case.