LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- With tears streaming down her face, Porchia Harris spoke directly to her son's killer in court Tuesday morning.

“I miss his laugh, his smile, his deep dimples, his voice, I miss everything about him,” said Harris.

Elgin Anders shot and killed Harris' 8-year-old son, Andre O'Neal, in January 2016.

“I will never get to see Andre do a lot of things like graduate high school or college, you took that away from him,” said Harris.

Anders says the shooting was an accident and that he dropped the gun while cleaning it, because he had BBQ sauce on his fingers. Harris says she didn't know Anders, he was a friend of the babysitter watching her children that night, but she says she doesn't believe his story.

“I just want the truth about what happened that night, be a man and let the truth set you free,” said Harris.

Anders previously entered a guilty plea of reckless homicide where prosecutors recommended a two-year prison sentence. In court Tuesday, Judge Brian Edwards accepted that plea.

“I will follow the agreement and the recommendation of the Commonwealth, your sentence shall be two years to serve,” said Edwards.

But Harris and her family say the sentence doesn't fit the crime.

The Prosecutor, Christie Foster, expressing her frustration that Anders was only charged with reckless homicide.

“We have a culture in this community where we are tolerant of guns and we are tolerant of people handling guns around little kids and what happened was tragic but based on the evidence we had, we could not charge him with an intentional murder,” said Foster.

Anders has already served more than 500 days on home incarceration. He was taken into custody Tuesday where he will serve out the reminder of his two-year sentence, an end to the case but the young victim’s family is still without closure.

“He should have got more time today, I don't' believe his story,” said Harris.

It’s a story that, no matter how it’s told, ends with a young life taken far too soon.