LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--If you've been to the Ali Center you've probably seen some of the incredible artwork hanging in the lobby and throughout the museum from the artist LeRoy Neiman who had a special relationship with Muhammad Ali.

That collection grew as the LeRoy Neiman foundation donated 19 new pieces to the Ali Center.

Representatives from the Foundation and the Center announcing the gift which includes 15 of Ali's original drawings.

Neiman and the champ would draw together and over the years Ali gave that work to Neiman for his collection.

He's now gifted the drawings the Ali Center along with four other pieces by different artists.

The Neiman Foundation also announced it's giving the Ali Center the larger than life oil painting called Athlete of the year that's been hanging in the lobby on loan.

The President of the LeRoy Neiman foundation says Neiman and Ali had a bond that ran much deeper than many were are aware of.