LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Surveillance cameras have captured at least a dozen people so far this year illegally dumping their trash, not in trash cans, but in the woods throughout Louisville Metro.

"They do it up and down here all the time," said Clyde Spradlin.

They've targeted his backyard. He's lived on West Hill Street for more than 50 years and the junk hasn't stopped piling up.

"Yes, it's annoying. Badly. I don't want to see somebody walk along and throw a bag of garbage out of the car and drive off," he told WHAS11.

It's not just bags of trash. Dressers, pillows, and mattresses are lining the streets of back alleys. A boat was even tossed aside, according to the city.

"It could seem like a never-ending battle that you fight," said compliance enforcement supervisor Robert Lush.

It's his job to nab those responsible for trashing neighborhoods. He says cameras are doing the job, getting the license plates of violators. Their vehicles are even towed. "It's another way of holding people accountable. If you hit people's pocket, they understand it's not something they should be doing," he said.

For Spradlin, he takes pride in where he lives and hopes others have the decency to get rid of their trash the right way. "It is unfortunate but if we don't talk about it, nobody is going to learn or hear about and hey will keep on doing it," he said.

The city does have certain guidelines about disposing of junk and bulk trash. You can see them by clicking here.

The city is also levying fines that could total more a $1,000 per illegal dumping violation, including cleanup fees and towing charges.