LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – For more than 48 hours, a well-known voice from Louisville has been on the air in Houston for 40 of those hours.

George Lindsey was one of Louisville's best-known radio personalities. He took a job in Houston two years ago at 100.3 The Bull.

During one of his broadcasting breaks, I talked to George about the flood, Louisville, and why he says the real story is going to be where the cameras can't get right now.

Lindsey says if you put this kind of water in Louisville, it could stretch up to Floyds Knobs and down to Bullitt County.

He says neighborhoods in Houston, that would be like Lake Forest or even Shelbyville here, are also hard hit. TV cameras have yet to get to those for coverage.

Lindsey says he agrees with the Mayor of Houston’s decision not to call for a mandatory evacuation.

With 6.3 million people in the Houston Metro Region, he says it would have caused bigger problems.

He remembers house hunting in Houston in 2015 and noticed no one had basements. Now he knows why.

George says Louisvillians have been posting supportive messages on his facebook page.

Lindsey was on 102 The Max for 15 years in Louisville.